Professional Pressure Washing in San Antonio

Boost your property's curb appeal and value

Your property is our priority


Eliminate the need to buy or rent power washing equipment. We will wash your surfaces with absolute care and precision to avoid any mishaps. You'll pay a flat fee that covers everything required for the job.


Save time and energy with a service you can trust. You don't have to miss out on having a good time or attend to other important activities. Our cleaning experts have all it takes to complete the job in a couple of hours.


We use superior equipment and techniques to capture run-off, ensuring pollutants and toxins don't end in water sources. We also use eco-friendly cleaning solutions to keep environmental impact to a minimum.

"If I could give Blake 10 stars, I would! Absolutely best in town! He called me very shortly after submitting a quote via his website. Communication was great. He was able to schedule me same week. Even sent a text when he was on his way. I am super pleased with the exterior window cleaning and house wash! Call him now! You will definitely not regret it."

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Pressure Washing

At Prime Time Washing, we strive to make your day a little smoother and the world a little better. We are dedicated to high-quality, consistent service and pay attention to every detail, so you don't have to. Your concrete driveway, sidewalk, pool deck or patio are high traffic areas. They can quickly get dirty by grime, mud, oil, mold and bird droppings. This buildup can bring down your property's curb appeal and make it look dull. We can change all that in one appointment giving your surfaces a like-new appearance.

House Washing

Come home to a clean and fresh house.
Increase your home's property value and curb appeal with the safest method of cleaning all exterior surfaces. We use a softwash system with very low pressure, about as much as a garden hose. The specialized cleaning solutions we use do all the work in removing dirt and organic growth from the exterior of your home. It's also safe to use around plants and your landscaping. This service will include cleaning the siding, shutters, trim, the exterior of gutters, and a basic wash of any porches.

window cleaning

Window Cleaning

Add to the aesthetic appeal of your property.
While window cleaning may seem easy, it can be complicated, especially when stubborn stains and dirt are in question or windows are very high. Our cleaning specialists handle every window cleaning job with the extreme expertise, dedication, and care to bring back the shine.

We are equipped with top-tier window cleaning equipment, from water-fed poles that can reach up to 50 feet high, mini brushes to detail window sills, professional detailing cloths, and more, to provide exceptional results promptly.

We utilize the latest water purification technology to deep clean every part of the windows, including frames, screens, sills, tracks, and corners. We start by rinsing the debris from the window. We then start scrubbing the windows with our in-house cleaning solutions consisting of top-tier professional soaps/additives. Finally, we rinse the windows with purified water, resulting in spot-free windows that will sparkle and be spot-free when dry.

Interior window cleaning in San Antonio, TXA screen getting cleaned in a screen washer.House washing in progress in San Antonio, TX

Roof Cleaning

Give your roof new life.
Having your roof cleaned and maintained costs a modest fraction of getting a new roof. It is an investment for the preservation present and future of your roof. Our cleaning products kill undesired buildup, while our soft washing technique removes debris and blemishes that don't belong. You will get a just like new roof that is ready to last for the long run.

With our soft washing service, you get:

Pressure washing can significantly damage your roof. Our soft wash solution is completely safe for every shingle and delivers results that last.

Complete black stain removal
Our cleaning products get rid of the black streaks that bring your roof down. You don't just get the curb appeal. You get quality control.

Mitigation of organic growth
Our biodegradable chemical deterrent help kills algae, mildew and lichens while protecting your family, pets and the environment.

Long-lasting results
We provide results that last for the long haul using an ARMA-approved technique keeping your roofing warranty valid.

Roof cleaning in progress in San Antonio, TXroof cleaningDriveway cleaning in progress in San Antonio, TXSidewalk cleaning in San Antonio, TX

Sidewalk Cleaning

Ensure that the sidewalks stay clean longer.
Sidewalks are not immune to algae, mildew and tire tread buildup. Over time they accumulate buildup and become an eyesore. Keeping your driveway clean is one thing, but the sidewalks do make up a lot of your curb appeal. Our pressure washing service is a great way to restore the appearance of your sidewalks and ensure they are safe to walk and play on. We pre-treat and post-treat the areas to ensure they receive a deep clean.

Driveway Cleaning

Give the best first impression.
Your driveway is the first thing people see when they visit, and you don't want it to send a poor impression. Get rid of dirt, stains, oil, decaying leaves and organic growth to enhance the overall curb appeal of your home. We use a combination of industrial pressure washers, standard power washing wands and rotating surface cleaners to produce unbeatable results. We start by chemically treating the stains with an effective degreaser after we steam-clean and wash the driveway with hot water. Finally, we pressure clean the surface to eliminate stains and debris and post-treat to help keep bacteria at bay for more extended periods.

Deck Washing

Give your deck a like-new look.
Over time, your deck will accumulate dirt and become stained from the outside elements. Dirt, stains, mold and buildup will make your deck look like it needs to be replaced. Deck pressure washing by a professional service is the best way to guarantee its longevity. By pressure washing your deck regularly, you preserve the deck material, deter pests and maintain your property's value. We use high-quality pressure washing equipment and friendly cleaning solutions to reduce the impact on the environment. Our cleaning experts know just the right amount of pressure to use when cleaning different deck materials to keep them safe.

deck washing

Deck Staining

Keep your deck in its top shape.
Your deck is where you relax with your family and entertain guests, so it's just as essential to keep it weather-resistant as visually appealing. Being exposed to the elements, your deck can turn grey and quickly deteriorate due to dirt, mold and stains. Hiring a professional service to stain your deck can make all the difference between an old-looking deck and a reinvigorated, entertainment-ready space. At Prime Time Washing, deck restoration is what we do daily. Our deck staining specialists will pressure wash your deck and prepare it for sealing and staining. Our deck staining services ensure your deck does not crack or become dull due to exposure to the elements while making it easy to clean up. Whether you are looking to stain a newly constructed deck or re-staining an existing deck, we can help you choose a color that complements your home perfectly.

Fence cleaning in progress in San Antonio, TX

Fence Cleaning

Restore your fence's look.
Just like other exterior surfaces in your home, your fence is exposed to harsh weather, making it look dull and weathered. So it's crucial to maintain your fence regularly to give it a new look and extend its lifetime. Prime Time Washing provides fence pressure washing services to San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Our cleaning crew is equipped and trained in the latest pressure washing services to guarantee a safe and efficient cleaning process. Instead of replacing your fence just because it looks worn out, consider hiring our fence pressure washing services, and you'll save money.

Fence Staining

Revitalize an old weathered fence.
Protect it from harsh weather and boosts its overall aesthetic value. Hiring a professional service to stain your fence is the best way to get the top-quality results you want. No matter what you intend to achieve by staining your fence, you can trust the experienced team at Prime Time Washing to give it a complete makeover. Our professionally trained crew is equipped with the necessary equipment and tools to stain your fence the proper way, starting with a thorough power wash. We use various techniques and the best products to keep your exterior wood protected.

Gutter Cleaning

Protect your home.
Given the harsh winter we experience here in San Antonio, regular gutter cleaning is necessary to prevent your gutters from clogging. Failing to clean your gutters regularly means they'll accumulate leaves and debris, resulting in problems such as water damage to your foundation, moldy walls and leaks. We provide unmatched gutter cleaning services to get your gutters clean and free-flowing. We will not only clean your gutters to perfection, but we will also flush your downspouts to ensure proper water flow.

Gutter cleaningPool deck cleaning before and after in San AntonioA perfectly clean pool deck in San Antonio.

Pool Deck Cleaning

Restore your pool's look instantly.
Power washing is an easy solution that will renew the look of your pool area and ensure it is safe for everyone. Our team will remove unsightly mold, mildew, debris and other buildups that make the surface slippery when it gets wet. We have proprietary wash systems and specialty brushes to ensure your pool deck and the surrounding area get a complete clean.

How we work

Your property is our top priority. We will bring rigorous quality standards to your home, and the results will show.


We have the best pressure washing and soft washing tools for our business, so you know you're getting the most excellent quality the industry has to offer.


Each team member comes with professional training, liability and workman's compensation insurance, and years of on-the-ground experience to ensure you and your property are protected.


Have peace of mind as we are a licensed and insured company. You'll have complete protection from liability if any of our specialists get hurt and for your property no matter what.


We are confident you will be happy with our work, if not our work isn't over yet!  If we ever make a mistake at some point, we will do everything in our power to go above and beyond to set it right.

Commercial Power Washing

Your commercial establishment is a significant investment. Whether you need to have your driveway, sidewalks, deck, windows, fence, drive-through, dumpster pad, building washing, or roof cleaning, you can count on us. Our crew will go above and beyond to deliver fast, reliable and efficient services using eco-friendly cleaning solutions and top-notch pressure washing equipment.

Commercial pressure washing equipment in San Antonio, TXCommercial pressure washing of a store entrance in San Antonio, TXCommercial pressure washingcommercial pressure washing

Maintenance Program

Have worry-free regular maintenance.
Your property will look its best year-round with regular maintenance cleanings. As a member, each service is pre-scheduled throughout the year to ensure that you always receive priority scheduling and that no service is ever missed. Our Prime Time program can be customized to your needs with additional add-on services and is automatically billed in easy monthly payments.


Gutter Cleaning with Downspout Flush
(2 per year)
House Wash (Annual)
Driveway & Sidewalk Wash (Annual)
Exterior Window Cleaning (Annual)
Deck or Patio Wash (Annual)
Porch Wash (Annual)
Post-Pollen Season House Rinse (Annual)
Fence Wash (Annual)
Roof Wash (Annual)
Interior Window Cleaning (2 per year)
Outdoor Furniture (Twice Annually)
5% Discount on Additional Services

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Gutter Cleaning with Downspout Flush
(3 per year)
House Wash (Annual)
Driveway & Sidewalk Wash (Annual)
Exterior Window Cleaning (2 per year)
Deck or Patio Wash (Annual)
Porch Wash (Annual)
Post-Pollen Season House Rinse (Annual)
Fence Wash (Annual)
Roof Wash (Annual)
Interior Window Cleaning (2 per year)
Outdoor Furniture (Twice Annually)
5% Discount on Additional Services

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Gutter Cleaning with Downspout Flush
(4 per year)
House Wash (Annual)
Driveway & Sidewalk Wash (Annual)
Exterior Window Cleaning (Annual)
Deck or Patio Wash (Annual)
Porch Wash (2 per year)
Post-Pollen Season House Rinse (Annual)
Fence Wash (Annual)
Roof Wash (Annual)
Interior Window Cleaning (2 per year)
Outdoor Furniture (2 per year)
5% Discount on Additional Services

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Our team

I'm Blake, the Owner of Prime Time Washing in San Antonio. A few years ago, my dad let me borrow his pressure washer to clean up my driveway, and I was hooked. I initially launched Prime Time Washing with a dream, a few thousand dollars and one pressure washer. I wanted to use the technical expertise and attention to detail I've acquired from working in the IT/Marketing Industry since 2015. Prime Time Washing is now a trusted service in the pressure washing industry in San Antonio.

Primet Time Washing is locally owned and operated by a Texas native. We are a local company with proud Texas roots. A percentage of proceeds from each job is donated to the charity Your Ride Is Here. They provide transportation to and from doctors appointments/treatments in exotic cars for people diagnosed with cancer. We strongly believe in building a socially conscious business and nurturing meaningful relationships. We are committed to our job, to people, small businesses and our growing community.

Blake the owner of Prime Time Washing.
Blake Adams

Owner & Founder

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